Continuing Care Month October 2019

“Your home is our passion”


October 1, 2019 – Nova Scotia – The 16th Annual Continuing Care Month awareness
campaign officially launched today with the theme, “Continuing Care -Your Home, Our
This year’s Continuing Care Month campaign is being jointly sponsored by the
Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia, Health Association Nova Scotia, and the
Nursing Homes of Nova Scotia Association. The month-long recognition seeks to
raise awareness of the importance of this growing sector and the contributions of its
employees and volunteers.
The campaign includes posters and a website aimed at educating people about
continuing care and the rewards of choosing a career in this growing field of
employment. Additionally, throughout the month of October, Continuing care providers
across the province will be hosting open houses or other special events to celebrate
their employees.
“The goal of the campaign is to recognize the commitment to quality, compassion and
caring by the employees delivering care and the difference they are making in the
lives of people who rely on them every day, says Josie Ryan, Chair of the Health
Association Nova Scotia Continuing Care Council. “One of the biggest challenges
faced by the sector is human resources. There are staffing shortages across the
province. So, it’s critical that we recognize employees for the important work that they
do. Every day in Nova Scotia, continuing care employees go above and beyond to
meet the unique needs of their residents/clients and ensure the highest quality of
Sheila Peck, Chair of CCANS, adds that the campaign is also about demonstrating
that continuing care is a specialty field of employment for those pursuing a
challenging and rewarding career opportunity. The Continuing Care Month website is
host to a variety of stories that illustrate the difference continuing care employees are
making in the lives of people who need care and support in their homes and
“Given the shortage of skilled workers in this field, we also hope that sharing the
success stories will help attract trained professionals to this important career path,”
says Peck. “Continuing care employees work in a variety of practice settings across
the province, such as nursing homes, home care organizations, residential care
facilities and adult residential centres/regional rehabilitation centres. Employees who
provide continuing care experience tremendous personal satisfaction from their
constant dedication to delivering the highest standard of care and establishing
meaningful relationships with individuals who rely on these important services.”
The term Continuing Care is used to describe a range of programs and services that
help people live safely in the place they call home. There are a wide range of services
available including home support, home nursing, home oxygen services, community
occupational therapy and physiotherapy, caregiver benefit program, family relief and
respite, personal alert assistance program, self-managed care, senior’s wheelchair loan
program, bed loan and long term care. Continuing care providers are also active in the
community, delivering programs such as Adult Day or Meals on Wheels. People of all
ages and circumstances access these important programs and services, depending on
their identified needs.
“We also want to encourage people to learn more about the advances being made to
improve quality of care and quality of life for Nova Scotians who rely on continuing care
services through research, innovation, and adopting best practices” says Debra
Boudreau, Chair of the Nursing Homes of Nova Scotia Association. “In order to
effectively respond to the rising care needs of our aging population, which includes
adopting changes in our workforce, designing creative and innovative solutions has to
be our path forward.”
Each year, approximately 40,000 Nova Scotians who need care and support in their
homes and communities access continuing care.
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