The quiet heroes in Nova Scotia’s Continuing Care Sector

As headlines about Canada’s long-term care sector rip through cyberspace, there are women and men in Nova Scotia’s nursing homes and community-based residential care facilities who are quietly caring for our loved ones in these uncertain times. Their dedication to their residents and families is largely unsung in the best of times. It’s time for that to change.

In the face of the deadly COVID-19 there are nurses, continuing care assistants, recreation staff, housekeeping, nutrition, maintenance, administrators, therapists, and so many more pulling together to create a safe and nurturing space for their residents. They are diligently following public health guidelines – isolating, cleaning, and always vigilant watching for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 with residents and staff.

They are using technology to offer ways for residents to communicate with their families amid province-wide lockdowns. Understanding the connection between isolation and depression, they are working hard to keep their residents active and engaged, holding off the fear of a world-wide pandemic.

Behind the scenes, these workers are toileting, bathing, feeding, preparing meals, cleaning, lifting and responding to the needs of their residents. They are working in residential care facilities, small option and group homes and independent living support programs. They are helping people with disabilities. They do this for our loved ones.

Much has been studied and written about the state of Canada’s care of its most vulnerable citizens. We’ve heard the recommendations: more and better paid staff, adequate housing, better access to equipment and technology. But at the end of the day we’re human and what we really want is to be recognized and respected for the work we do and the care we give.

While Nova Scotia’s continuing care sector waits anxiously for protective equipment and supplies and hopes for some additional compensation for leaving their families to care for ours, let’s take the time to say thank you. They need to hear from you right now.

Sheila Peck, President, Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia

19 thoughts on “The quiet heroes in Nova Scotia’s Continuing Care Sector”

  1. Thank you to every one of you who are looking after our loved ones! St.Vincent’s in Halifax is where my mom is and I can tell you that they are “rock stars”! I know they are understaffed and underpaid but this group of amazing people give every day to make sure our loved ones are taken care of. I wish I could give them all a huge hug but for now a huge thank you will have to do. Hopefully, when the dust settles the province will find other ways to thank this group of workers! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. It’s about time that these people were recognized for all their education and hard work.Its too bad that it took covic19 to bring it about.

  3. I work in a LTC home as a CCA. I can tell you that I end my shift with sore muscles, aching feet and legs and lots of worry. Ill continue doing this job until my body doesnt allow me too. I love what I do and its seeing those faces who are happy to see us each and ever day that matter the most.

    1. It is so rewarding, this job!!
      Im a CCA as well , not working now because Iam staying home to take care of my husband, he has Parkinson’s and has asthma. Thank-you for doing your job!!!

  4. Eileen Carrigan

    Thank you to the Staff at Canso Seaside Manor who go above and beyond to make sure the resident…including our Mom are safe,loved and sooo lovingly cared for …As the song says…There are Angels among us

    Thank you Eileen& Ray

  5. All of the CCA’s in facilities and Home Support are going more than an extra mile right now. They have had to take the place of family, friends and other contacts for their patients, residents and clients. Hopefully in future the public will recognize them for the professionals that they are. Thank you all! You are indeed Covid warriors.

  6. I want to thank each and everyone of you for the great work you do in this time of need,rather it be Hospital of long care Facility,keep up the good work,you are my angles

  7. Jessica-Jasmine

    CCA here, and I just want to thank every one who works in a nursing home, home support, hospitals, etc, for all their hard work and for sacrificing their health to take care of others loved ones❤️

  8. Amen …. I also just want to mention the PSWs who do outreach home care … we do the same in the clients home … I just wanted to add a little shout out to all the home care workers traveling house to house

  9. I am an LPN at a LTC facility, the staff are amazing. Especially the CCA’s! It is truly inspiring to see the amount of love in our facility. Covid-19 has us all terrified not for ourselves but no one wants to think they could potentially bring this nasty virus in to the residents we care for. Our staff are going above and beyond in the absence of families and volunteers.

  10. Cca here! Shout out to all the healthcare workers that have risked their lives for the protection of others. We should be more appreciated!! I LOVE MY JOB AND IL NEVER FORGET WHAT I DO FOR MY CLIENTS, PATIENTS AND RESIDENTS. ❤❤💯

  11. Rosemary Samson

    Thank you for everything you are doing, it is a very scary situation. I can relate, I do home care. Thank you to the nurses, CCA’s, the cleaning staff as well as the cooks in the kitchens. Loved ones are well cared for, and loved. Hang in there!

  12. Thank you and keep up the good work to all housekeepers, laundry workers, dietary staff all over , as a housekeeper at RIVERVIEW HOME CORP. Pictou County, we are all trying to cope and do what is expected of us which we do with no remorse, we give 150% to those our we work for (the clients, & residents).

  13. As a Registered Nurse: a huge thank you to our CCA’S who work diligently alongside the rest of the Healthcare team to care for our most vulnerable population. Could not do it without you!

  14. CCA here I am very proud of the job I do every day and I am also very proud of my co workers they are an amazing bunch of ladies and gentlemen who give their all everyday to keep the residents we care for safe and well cared for …you rock and we got this

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